Bhagyasree JLG Updated On 2018-02-09

District : Alappuzha

CDS: Mararikulam South

JLG : Bhagyasree

Year of formation : 2013

Area under cultivation :1.5 acre

Crops : Banana, Tubers, Vegetables

Members : 5

This is the story of five young ladies in Mararikulam South village. The story of hardwork, disciplined effort, intelligent planning and great success. They are Ashimol, Sinimol, Savitha, Sarasu and Sindhu. They were from low income families and was struggling to make both ends meet. Job opportunities were few. Then they met their MKSP Block Coordinator during a Kudumbasree gathering. All these five young ladies presented their hardships and struggles to the block coordinator. Realizing the difficulties of these poor young ladies, the MKSP Coordinator suggested them taking up agricultural farming. They were not convinced at first but the block coordinator took time and explained the future economic potential in detail. The MKSP Coordinator also promised to arrange them proper training and education. After realizing the actual potential of group farming, they agreed to take up agricultural farming wholeheartedly. Then the block coordinator contacted the District Mission Coordinator and asked to arrange scientific training for the group. The group attended various training sessions including capacity building, technical training, mechanization training, value addition etc. The MKSP Coordinator regularly contacted all these five women after every training session and clarified any doubts remained. With all these training and encouragement, they started out the farming at last. In the beginning, they tried Banana cultivation but it didn’t end as expected. They became disappointed. They were again in need of encouragement and support which our Kudumbasree team diligently provided. Then they restarted their vegetable cultivation with all the support of Panchayath Committee, Krishibhavan and Farmers Facilitation Center. They worked real hard and this time the cultivation yielded wonderful results. During the cultivation, each of the group members witnessed various personal and financial difficulties. In each and every case, the Kudumbasree team as a family helped them sort out all those complex issues. This is just an example of team spirit, hardwork and coordination resulting in amazing production. They are now living with a decent and steady income from group farming. They continue to surprise everyone with one success and after another. Once a poor family, now they have passed the poverty line.

Keli JLG Updated On 2018-02-08

District : Alappuzha

CDS : Cheriyanad

JLG : Keli

Year of formation : 2010

Area under cultivation : 2 Acr

Crop : Banana,Tapioca,Tubers,Ginger

Members : 4

Brief description about group : Keli JLG is situated in chriyanad gramapanchayath . There total area of cultivation in fallow land 2 acr. They use their cultivable land for planting banana,tubers and gingers.teir major producers are biological fertilizer. It includes fish amino acid, Panchagavyam, Jeevamrutham etc and they use d it for their farms.

Short note on income earned/achievement : They earned rs.10000 per month. They are achieving this income for their homely needs of education for their children. This group are monthly saving rs.1000.

Harithasree JLG Updated On 2018-02-07

District : Alappuzha

Block : Pattanakkadu

CDS : Ezhupunna

JLG : Harithasree

Year of formation : 2011,June 1

Area under cultivation :1.8 acre

Crop(s) :Vegitable,Banana,Paddy

Member :4

Brief Description about the group : In Ezhupunna CDS Sneha NHG Ward 10 formed a JLG name as Harithasree with 4 members. They are Lijisatheesan, Maniyamma asokan, Mariyakutty, Resiya noushad. They cultivate Vegitable, Banana in crop rotation .All members in the group are hard working and they use only bio-fertilizers and bio –pesticide. They produce vermi compost for their needs. In 2016 they form a seedlings unit with a rain shelterand they adopt integrated farming.

Short note on income earned/achievement : They earned 12000/- Per month from their farming and they earned additional income from Selling Seedlings and compost .They got best JLG award from Panchayath, CDS, District mission in Various years. Harithasree group secretary is also our JEVA member.

Sambal Samrudhy JLG Updated On 2018-02-06

District : Alappuzha

Block : Aryad

CDS : Mannanchery

JLG Name : Sambal Samrudhy

Affiliation Number : MCRY/II/92

Here is the story of 6 members women group named Sambal Samrudhy JLG. This group belongs to Mannanchery CDS. Secretary of the Group is Vimala and President is Sindhu. The other mebers are Lalitha, Rajamma, Khadeeja & Kamalamma. They started their work by borrowing land for rent which is now about 1.5 acres of area. The Panchayath, Krishibhavan,Kudumbasree Mission, their families and the people of the village helped & supported the group to reach their goal.The Sambal Samrudhy group got inspired by the classes conducted by MKSP. They are using organic pesticides instead of chemical fertilizers. Eventhough they had to face a lot of problems in cultivation season , their committment and hard work help to get a good result in yielding good crops. They marketed the products in local market and Kudumbashree market. The group produced and marketed vegetable seedlings through FFC. The group member and master farmer Vimala received an award for the best master farmer for organising other JLGs and conducting other various commercial ventures. Her group activities include poultry, duck rearing, mushroom, pisciculture, land rice cultivation, sesame, vegetable cultivation etc… She is a real motivation to all other farmers in the area. The group members obtain a decent family income from these group activities.

Pournami JLG Updated On 2018-02-05

Name of District : Alappuzha

Name of cds: Noornadu

Name of JLG : Pournami

Crops: Paddy, Vegetables, Tubers, Banana, Flower cultivation and others.

Members :5

Pournami JLG started farming in 5 years ago. They mainly cultivated Paddy, Banana,Vegetables, Tubers and others. In Onam season they started cultivation in Marigold and other Onam flowers. Currently they started Onam based Nendran. In 2016 they started a seed lings unit for the convergence with Agriculture department. Almost all seedlings are available here. cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, chillies are available . They have extra income in this project.

Later Puncha season this group get 4500 kg paddy, Onam season they harvest 1150kg banana, 125 kg bitterguard and other almost all the vegetables are available. They participated Onam, pre onam market also. Their products are selling mainly in vipani and Kudumbashree markets.

Aswathy JLG Updated On 2018-02-04

District: Wayanad

Block: Kalpetta

Panchayath : Padinjarathara

Name of the JLG : Aswathy JLG

Area under cultivation: 7 acre

Crops cultivated: Rice, Elephant foot yam, Tapioca, Turmeric, Pea , Tomato, Chilli and Cucumber

JLG members : Geetha Mohan, Usha Karunan, Sharmila, Reshmi, Sulochana, Rukmini, Pathmini, Susheela and Santha Kumari

Aswathy JLG group was formed in the year 2010 with nine JLG members. All of them were interested in cultivation and first they started to cultivate vegetables on 1.50 acre land. Subsequently they formed a group of 4 members and took 7 acre land on lease and started to cultivate paddy. Initially they didn’t received any profit from there cultivation but by the support from district mission and agriculture office they continued to do their farming.

They practice organic cultivation and sales their harvested vegetables in weekly market. Till now they are not receiving a good profit from their farming but still the farmers or customers wait to receive their vegetables from weekly market.

They are facing many problems in health and finance, yet they continue to do agriculture for providing diseases frees and pure vegetables to their family and others for leading a healthy life.

Bhagavathi JLG Updated On 2018-02-03

District : Palakkad

Block : Pattambi

Panchayat : Muthuthala

JLG : Bhagavathi

Crop : Paddy, Vegetables

The group has 4 members, all the four are text books to learn the lessons of optimism, self-confidence and positive approach. Started as a small farming group in just 2 acres, and developed as big farmers. Now the cultivation area is 8 acres. The specialty of development is, it was a quick change with in a period of not more than 1 years. Traditionally Muthuthala considering as a village with rich agriculture history. Team Bhagavathi attached a ballad of success of women, emerged as stars from just housewives.

Bhagavathi JLG considers as the best Joint Liability Group in the CDS, affiliated to Muthuthala FFC, in Pattambi Block. It has 4 members, among them Mrs. Devayani as president, Mrs. Devaki as secretary and Mrs. Sinu and Mrs. Sumathi performs as members as well. We can say without any doubt, this team is eternal, if anything justifies the word, achieve success through hard work and commitment.

They updates their knowledge on agriculture properly by attending training classes, conducted by Kudumbashree and department of agriculture. This will be the next prime reason of their success.

Priyam JLG Updated On 2018-02-02

District : Palakkad

Block : Pattambi

Panchayat : Muthuthala

JLG : Priyam

Crop : Tubers, Vegetables and Marigold

Priyam JLG started their farm in 2.50 acres of land in ward 4,MuthuthalaGrama panchayat of Pattambi block.Priyam JLG has 5members among them Sheeba as president,Usha as secretary and Seemanthini,Sobhana,Remadevi performs as members as well.

They started cultivation in 2015, as a team, all members of this JLG, are incredible field workers and involved in cultivating variety of vegetables and tubers. The team shown an awesome performance in PreOnam market, by selling large amount of vegetable, which harvested purely from their organic fields.

In spring season they also cultivate Marigold in an area of 20 cents. From their great experience from floriculture fields, interested to continue in all Onam season. They are in the preparation of next Onam Season. Krishibhavan helps them to get better yield in cultivation each of the members also cultivating their own yard as a pleasure in farming.Kudumbashreenattuchandas giving them better opportunity to sell their vegetables, nevertheless they have good customer base in their locality to sell their product. Most of the time, they are running shortly of production to satisfy the needy.

Revathi JLG Updated On 2018-02-01

District: Kozhikode

Block: Balussery

Panchayath: Unnikulam

JLG Name: Revathi

With the intension of women empowerment and food security Revathi JLG started the journey since 2011.All the members were interested in farming. At the beginning they only started rice then they expanded their crops and area. In this 7 years of journey they faced many challenges such as pests, diseases, poor market conditions, lack of machinery,etc. But with the help of Kudumbashree district mission and other respective persons they succeeded to overcome it and also they got financial assistance from Kudumbashree. Now they have tapioca in 1acre,Turmeric in 60cents,Banana in 1acre, Rice in 1.50 acre and vegetables in 2acre.

Pavizham JLG Updated On 2018-01-31

District: Kozhikode

Block: Balussery

Panchayath: Panangad

JLG Name: Pavizham

Pavizham joint liability group was established on 16th February of 2011.This six member group initially shown on interest towards banana cultivation. The main motivation to form this venture was the intense desire towards agriculture. The whole team of pavizham JLG was ready to do necessary physical preparations before cultivation. The district Kudumbashree mission really deserves a good appreciation since their whole hearted support gives us a immense energy to brought up the venture as we see today.

Last year we cultivated 8 acres of paddy and 1 acre of vegetables. This initially slow paced venture brought 200 kgs of tapioca,1 quintal of cucumber,500 kgs spinach,500 kgs of snake gourd , 100kgs of elevan to the market. The members of this group was also carried their vegetables in trolleys to sell at the doorsteps. This kind of selling grabs public attention and also our team has got lot of compliments from everywhere. This year we had cultivated 1000 numbers of banana,2 acres of vegetables and 5 acres of paddy.