Varnam Tailoring Updated On 2017-11-20

District: Pathanamthitta



Name of the enterprise:Varnam Tailoring

Name of the entrepreneur:Beena

Date of starting enterprise:25/01/2017

Initial Investment:Rs.30,000

Additional Investment:Rs. 50,000

Source of investment:Rs.30,000 Own Investment +Rs.50,000 Loan from CEF

Profit per month (as of November, 2017):Rs. 13,000

Entrepreneur profile: Beena is a NHG member since 2002. Her husband is a carpenter and the only earning member of the family. It was hard for them to meet the household expenses and educational expenses of their two daughters. Beena always thought of starting a tailoring unit, as she was born to a family which traditionally did weaving. The lack of financial assistance was a hindrance. WhenBeena came to know about the SVEP programme through the MEC, she took the opportunityto start a tailoring business.

Future Plans: The tailoring unit was a sucessfull start for Beena. Now she wish to expand her business and start a training centre along with the tailoring shop through the help of SVEP.

Name of the MEC supporting this enterprise:RubymolR

Entrepreneur Testimony: “We are very much satisfied with this enterprise. This business helped us to improve our living standard and my daughters are also very much proud of our new shop. I feel very happy about the support I got from the MEC.”

Star Bakery Updated On 2017-11-19

District: Pathanamthitta



Name of the enterprise:Star Bakery

Name of the entrepreneur:Jessy Regi

Date of starting enterprise:24/03/2017

Initial Investment:Rs.1,50,000

Additional Investment:Rs.50,000

Source of investment: Rs.1,50,000Bank loan, Rs.50,000Loan from CEF

Profit per month (as of November, 2017):Rs. 12,000

Entrepreneur profile: After gettingproper training about business as part of SVEP program, I learned more about doing a business successfully. This learning made me rethink and restart our old non-functioning borma and to restructure it as a proper bakery business. My husband was also not having a regular job, so this helped him to get engaged. As I am a MEC,I have a better idea on how to canvass orders for our products. Now we are capable of meeting all our family expenses as well as our children’s educational expenses. Now my husband looks after the business, while I work as a MEC.

Future Plans:I always wished to expand my bakery business and concentrate more on baking cakes. With the help of SVEP CEF, I have purchased dough making machine and my next step is to purchase a big cake making machine.

MEC supporting the enterprise:Jessy Regi

Entrepreneur Testimony: “As an MEC I am very much thankful to SVEP as it has made my life much better. The business learnings from the training period helped a lot to gain confidence to start this business”.

Earning better than ever Updated On 2017-11-18

District: Pathanamthitta



Name of the enterprise:R.R.Stores

Name of the entrepreneur:Anitha

Date of starting enterprise:12/04/2017

Initial Investment:Rs.50,000

Additional Investment:Rs.25,000

Source of investment:Rs. 50,000 Gold Loan +Rs.25,000 Loan from CEF

Profit per month (as of October, 2017):Rs. 9,500

Entrepreneur profile:Anithais a NHG member whose husband’s income was the only source of livelihood for her family and he was a daily wage labourer.After getting her two daughters married, the family was in debt.Anitha’s husband Ramachandran faced some health issues like kidney failure and cardiac block, and he became unable to work. During this time, they were thinking of starting a business. When Anitha came to know about the SVEP programme through the MEC, she discussed the same with her husband and they decided to start a provisions store.

Future Plans:Anitha and her husband wish to expand their business to include more items as they are now able to earn a better income.

Name of the MEC supporting this enterprise:Ruby

Entrepreneur Testimony: “After facing many hardships mentally and financially we were totally fed up. When our life came to a full stop, this business created new hope in us. Now we are able to meet all our expensesand we earn more income than we ever have.”

Snehitha Ladies Tailoring Centre Updated On 2017-11-17

District: Pathanamthitta



Name of the enterprise: SnehithaLadies Tailoring Centre

Name of the entrepreneur:Sindhu

Date of starting enterprise:23.01.2017

Initial Investment:Rs. 40,000

Additional Investment:Rs. 50,000

Source of investment:Rs. 40,000 Gold Loan + Rs.50,000 loan from CEF

Profit per month (as of October, 2017):Rs. 5,000

Entrepreneur profile: During the training period as part of assignment,SVEP MEC Jessy Regi supported this business facing many challenges, since it was one of the first enterprises she supported. Smt.Sindhu started this business because she was in need of a steady income. She was facing many hardships in life when she came to know about SVEP through the MEC. With the help of the CEF loan,Sindhu was able to expand her tailoring business.

Future Plans: Sindhu wishes to do the tailoring business in a larger scale. She plans to do this by taking orders from the nearby shops and orders for doctors’ coats from hospitals in the locality.

MEC supporting the enterprise:Jessy Regi

Entrepreneur Testimony: “I have faced many hardships in my life. After getting financial assistance from SVEP, it helped me to expand my business unit to a rented room and now I have started to get more orders. Now my family is satisfied and proud of my work.”

Lucy’s Snacks Unit Updated On 2017-11-16

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Panchayath: Mazhuvannoor

Name of Enterprise: Lucy's Snacks Unit

Name of Entrepreneur: Lucy Pathrose

Date of starting enterprise: 10/01/2017

Initial investment: Rs. 20,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000

Source of Investment: Rs. 20,000 Own Investment + Rs. 50,000 Loan from CEF

Profit per month(as of October, 2017):Rs. 10,000

Entrepreneur Profile: Lucy Pathrose is a NHG member and was a former teacher in an unaided school. She was forced to quit her job to take care of her two daughters. Her family depends on her husband's income, who was a farmer. She was forced to think about another source of income as her husband’s earnings were not enough to meet her family expenditure. At that time, she heard about SVEP project from MEC Alley Joseat aNHG meeting. She was very good at making homemade snacks like Pidi, Achappam, Kuzhalappam etc. With the help of SVEP MEC, she decided to start a small business at her house with a very low budget.

Plans: Lucyis planning to purchase some machinery to meet bulk orders and increase her sales. Now she is getting more orders from shops and for marriage functionsbut is unable to meet them because of the low production capacity.As the business is growing, she is now planning to hire an employee to increase her production.

MEC supporting enterprise: Alley Jose

Entrepreneur Testimony:“Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts have resulted in action. I am sure with the help of SVEP I can reach my aim.”

Nandhu’s Clay Works Updated On 2017-11-15

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Panchayath: Kunnathnad

Name of the enterprise: Nandhu’sClay Works

Entrepreneur name: AmminiRajappan

Total investment: Rs.10,000

Source of capital: Rs.10,000 Own Fund

Profit per month (as per October,2017): Rs. 10,000

Entrepreneur profile: Amminiis a widow with two children. She is from a poor artisan family which traditionally engaged in production of clay-based handicrafts. Her husband was a potter, but after his death nobody continued the profession. SVEP MEC Jyothi visited the Ammini’s NHG and after a discussion, Jyothi motivated Ammini to start an enterprise by using her traditional skill and also explained the possibilities of clayproducts business. With proper guidance she started a business named “Nandhu’s Clay Works” and it is doing well with the help of the MEC. Although it is a seasonal business,she gets large orders from different temples and roadside vendors.

Future Plans: Now she is doing only a single type of product called “chirath” making with clay. She plans to expand to making different models and different items like flower pot, pot and vessels etc. She also plans to traininterested youngsters from the new generation to make pottery.

Name of MEC supporting the enterprise: Jyothi

Entrepreneur Testimony: When I decided to start the enterprise, it was difficult to get the main raw material clay, and I didn’t know where to get large quantities. But SVEP MEC Jyothi made all arrangements to get the required amount from Kottayam. With her consultancy, my venture is growing day by day. I have managed to mould my place in society now and Iam walking straight to success.

Ponpulari Hotel and Tea Shop Updated On 2017-11-14

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Name of the Enterprise: Ponpulari Hotel and tea shop

Name of the Entrepreneur: Bijimol Madhavan

Initial investment: Rs. 5,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000

Source of investment: Rs. 5,000 Own Investment+Rs. 50,000 Loan from CEF

Profit per Month: Rs. 13,000 (as of October, 2017)

Entrepreneur Profile: BijimolMadhavanis from poor Scheduled Caste family.She had spent most of her life by doing odd jobsfor daily wages near her house. She is an active NHG member.As per the BRC action plan, MEC Radha visitedBiji’s NHG and explained about SVEP.During theNHG family meet organized by the MEC, her skills in cooking was identified andthe entire family made the decision to startPonpulari Hotel and Tea Shop.MEC supported procuring necessities such as health card,suitable room on rent,panchayath licence, etc.

Future plans: Bijimol’s business is currently 3kms away from Kolenchery town.She wants to start a similar ventureinKolenchery town to attract more customers.Her dream is to become an employer from employee.

Supporting MEC: Radha CC

Entrepreneur Testimony:“When the heart is filled with joy,sometimesthere are no words to explain. I am in that situation right now!I am happy as a mother and wife, as well as adaughter.I thankSVEP MEC Radha for always supporting me.I am proud to be a member of Kudumbashree. Thank you,Kudumbashree!”

Thinking beyond dreams Updated On 2017-11-13

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Panchayath: Aikaranad

Name of the enterprise: Keeledath stores

Name of the entrepreneur: Paulose KK

Initial investment: Rs. 80,000

Additional investment: Rs. 50,000

Source of investment: Rs. 30,000 Own Fund + Rs. 50,000 CEF loan

Profit permonth (as of October 2017): Rs. 26,000

Entrepreneur profile: Annie is anactive NHG member. Her whole family depended up on her husband’sincome of Rs. 500 per day. SVEPMEC Jayamolvisited the NHG and after the General Orientation Training,Annie was interested in starting a business.TheMEC visited the family and convincedthem about the idea of starting a provisions store because of there was no provisions store in a few kilometres radius. Annie and her husband, Paulosestarted the store by investing Rs. 80,000 as capital. Now the shopis very successful and theyhave sales ofRs. 80,000.

Future plan: The couple wants to expand the store by adding more products such as cool drinks, vegetables and dry fish.Theywant to turnthe store into a supermarket.They are very confident ofgetting goodbusiness as it is the only store in the locality.

MEC supporting enterprise: Jayamol

Entrepreneur testimony: “Being a member of Kudumbashree, I got support and encouragement fromSVEP andthe MEC tofollow our dreams. Now we are successful entrepreneurs andI am confident enough tothinkbeyond my dreams.”

MEC Profile: Jyothy V.S Updated On 2017-11-12

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Name of MEC: Jyothy V.S.

Smt. Jyothy V.S. was selected as a Micro Enterprise Consultant (MEC) in June, 2016. ByApril, 2017 April she completed various trainings related to SVEP. During the training period, she approached interested entrepreneurs and supported two enterprises in January, 2017. As per the decisions of her MEC group, Jyothihas been supporting enterprisesunder SVEP inKunnathunad Panchayath.

Jyothy first gathered information by approaching the KunnathnadCDS Chairperson, Smt.Rema Devi. From here, she received information about the ADS’s and Micro Enterprise related activities of the CDS. Then with the help of the CDS chairperson and other members,she approached various NHG’s to introduce SVEP.She identifies members who are interested to become an entrepreneur or who are interested to earn money through a business. She studies the possibilities and opportunities for businesses in the area. After that, she identifies the abilities of the members who are interested. If the circumstances are favourable for that business, theMECwill support the entrepreneur. Jyothyprovides all the support for the successful implementation of the venture like ensuring financial support from bank orCEF, support to get different licences, purchase of raw materials, upgradation tonew technologies, marketing, etc.

As she devotesa lot of time on the field to help people of the village to get regular guaranteed income from their own businesses, she has become a familiar face to the panchayath, NHG members,ADS,CDS, and ward members of Kunnathunad. She has supported 18 Enterprises as of November, 2017.She has supported a variety of enterprises ranging fromclay production to mobile shops to tailoring centres. All these units are performing well with steady profits.Jyothy, as a MEC, has been able to help many families to utilize opportunities through SVEP.

MEC testimony: “For me, SVEP is a mirror though which I have realized my abilities and the ways to overcome my drawbacks. I am very proud of the work I do and now I am getting more acceptance from society for it!”

More Skills, More Income Updated On 2017-11-11

District: Ernakulam

Block: Vadavucode

Panchayath: Kunnathunad

Name of the Enterprise: Dolly’s Fashion Tailoring

Name of the entrepreneur: Dolly Joy

Date of Starting Enterprise:19/01/2017

Initial Investment: Rs. 30,000

Additional Investment: Rs. 50,000

Source of Investment: Rs. 30,000 Own Funds + Rs. 50,000 CEF loan

Profit Per Month (As of October, 2017): Rs. 15,000

Entrepreneur Profile: Dolly got to know about SVEP in a NHG meeting. After that she discussed with her family and contacted SVEP MEC Jyothi. Dolly already had skills in tailoring, but realising that tailoring alone was not enough to get regular income Jyothi encouraged Dolly to join a course in fashion designing. After completing the course,Dollyopenedatailoring institute andstitching centre.

Future Plans: Dolly plans to expand her business by addingabeauty parlour, and also wants to improve the instituteas a standardized institute of tailoring with new technologies.

MEC supporting the enterprise: Jyothi Suresh

Entrepreneur testimony: “For people who want a better life and who are willing to work hard, the SVEP program by Kudumbasree is a great opportunity. A MEC who works towards integrating an entrepreneur’s idea with her dreams is very useful for people like me.”